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The third child in my life........

 Is my mother.

 When Master's car broke down we asked her if we could use her Westbay account if the problem turned out to be the fuel pump. We told her that we just wanted to know now so that if it was the pump we could get the part ASAP instead of having to wait to get it and that we would pay it off on pay day. Okay, no problem.

 Mom picks up the kids Monday morning because Master didn't know how he's going to be getting home from the shop and didn't want to get the boys stuck walking with him home. Or sitting forever in a boring shop. She keeps them for the night because he didn't get the car back and I didn't get home till almost 11pm from work.

 Anyways Tuesday rolls around and my mother is calling my cell. Cuz, she thought I would be out, on a Tuesday? *disgust* I don't think so! After I tell her that no, the mechanic has not called me yet and that he said he would when he found the problem or fixed it if it was cheap enough. She says okay and we hang up. I crawl back into bed and get comfy only to have to get back up to answer the house phone 5 minutes later! She says that she has called the shop and that it's..... at that point I cut her off and told her to butt out of my business. She then tells me to fuck off and hangs up on me.  I call back and tell the machine that I will be there to get my kids in a few minutes.

 Now, her calling the shop would normaly not be a big deal but she seems to think that EVERYTHING in my life is her business. I was told once by a friend that she had called my cousin (my friend and cousin were on a rollerskating team together) and asked her about my lifestyle! WTF!?!?

 My children and I get home and they proceed to tell me that she had called someone, was bitching about me, calling me "bad word names" , saying that it WAS her business because we were using her account and blah blah blah...... First of all we did not use her account. I only asked as a precaution so I knew that we could get the expensive part if we needed it. Second of all it isn't her car and third of all I don't need my mommy to hold my hand and do everything for me! And for fucks sake don't do that shit in front of MY children!

 Sunday I call and leave a message asking if she was still taking the boys so that Master can go to work Monday and to call me back. Instead of calling me or Master she calls the house and asks for the boys. My oldest told us that all she asked was if they wanted to go there. She didn't talk to Master about weather or not she was going to get them or if he needed to bring them there, nothing. I called her back and left another message that tells her that she needed to talk to either Wang or I when it comes to the boys, not just them. Asking them means nothing because they are children and don't always get the details right.

 Master came to see me at work. While he was there she called his cell, said that she wouldn't be home for a couple of hours and to call before he brought them out to her place. Then hung up on him. He decided that if she was going to be that way, he would work 10's for the week and keep them home.

 I left her an e-mail today, this is what it said  "I told you to butt out of my business not my life Ma. You gonna get over it and talk to me again or is this going to be like my brother?"  No response as of yet.

 For thoughs that don't know, I have a brother that refuses to talk to me because I don't put up with his shit either. They are a lot alike my brother and mother.

 Just a little bit ago, she calls me. She asks for my address and after I tell her she hangs up on me. I call her back and ask her why she needed it and all she said was that it has nothing to do with me and hangs up again. So I call back again and say that it is MY address and it has EVERYTHING to do with me. She tells me that I am not the only one who lives here and hangs up again. So I called back, yet again, knowing that I was going to get the answering machine and say two words. GROW UP.

 I am done. I have tried for YEARS to have a decent relationship with her. The only time she was happy with me is when I was married to the ex and would call her crying. Then she would call me and complain about her husband. Or when I was living with her and had to follow her rules. Now that I am happy and on my own, suddenly she's pissed off at me all the time. She HATES the fact that I'm happy and she's not. Can't stand the fact that Master wasn't her pick. And that I can do things on my own now! OMG, I grew up!  Quite a few years ago in fact! Now, I just don't put up with her shit anymore.

 So yeah, I'm having fun dealing with a third child in my life. It's SO much fun!



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