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  I heard a rumor on Sunday that they (the people in charge) were going to make everyone change their schedules at work. Also they are going to take the 50 cent bonus that we are supposed to get for being there on time everyday and what not.

 As it was just hearsay at this point, I let it go.

  On Monday I go and ask the person that does the scheduling weather or not it was true. Unfortunatly, it is.

  The 50 cents is supposed to be replaced with a raise for everyone. Okay, thats fine.

  The new schedule changes for anyone not already on that schedule begins on the 1st.

  That means that I have 2 choices. Either switch to the 4 on 2 off rotating or go on call. Everyone at work knows that I can not do the 4 on 2 off.  When I first got there it was the 2 doubles or I can GUARANTEE you that I will call in a whole lot more than I do. Aside from the fact that I don't have 1,200$ a month to pay for daycare.

 I mean, I can do their schedule during the school year as long as it is a day shift but what do they want me to do with the boys during all their holiday vacations and when they get sick? And summer, there is no way that I can do 4 on 2 off. Master has to be to at work by 11 AM in order to get 8 hours, my shift wouldn't end till 2 PM.  My children are too young to stay by them selves for 3 to 4 hours.

  So, I go on call. But because of that, I lose ALL of my benifits. All of my vacation pay, all of my medical, all of my sick pay,disability, EVERYTHING. It also means that my children have no insurance. We were going to put them on mine because Master's is 400$ a month to add just them. Not to mention that going on call means that I may not get ANY work for days or weeks at a time. So there is the threat of no paycheck too.
  I went and talked to my DNS and told her that I have to leave there as soon as I found something else. All she could say was that she understood and that she was sorry.

  I have been there forever. In 2 months it will be 4 years. I have been on the 2 doubles the whole time. Do they think that I do them for fun? I hate it, but I do it so I can be home for the boys and still provide something for the family.

  Some of you know that I was going to leave eventually anyway because of my back. But I was not going to leave them hanging when they have so many problems with keeping people anyway. Now, I am just being fucked over.

  There are about 6 people that have different scheduals than the 4 on 2 off. I am going to go the payday meeting on Friday just so I can see who walks out.

  I am beyond pissed. I am hurt and there is nothing that I can do about it. I have to find another job.

  On top of that, the cramps that I thought were long gone, had me curled up in bed crying this morning. Now I won't have the insurance to get the hysterectomy that I need so I can be "normal" again.

  Oh well I guess if it's not on thing it's another.