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Aug. 28th, 2008

  Well, my mother has gone bat shit insane. But, we all knew she was. The latest news on her is that she canceled my e-mail account. You know, the one attached to all of my on-line accounts.

  Work won't budge on the schedule situation so I have to find other work. Oh well, life goes on. I'll find another job, eventually.

  I have had enough stress to last a life time and I am tired of it. I just want it to stop.

  Lately, all I want to do is curl up at Masters feet. Everything just seems a whole lot better when I am pleasing him. Weather it be him using me as a foot stool, using me sexually or just plain serving him dinner, everything is better in my world as long as he is happy. I have taken to sleeping with my head near his hip, that way he can pet me and if he feels the need, all he has to do is turn a little and he is in my mouth. I have found that I am beginning to really like it when he fucks my mouth. There are a lot of things that I am beginning to like that I didn't think I would. But then, wanting what my Master wants is what it's about isn't it?

  School starts soon. WOOT! I can't wait!  What the hell is up with the supply lists though? When did 5th graders start using highlighters and sticky notes? Red pens? Are they doing their own corrections now? If so, why do we have the teachers? Computer paper? I had better be seeing work on the computer coming home. Now, we have to supply whiteboard markers too. Does the school supply anything? Is the school really that broke? What ever happened to a notebook for each class and some pencils? My youngest's list wants watercolor paints. I have given them paints every year since my oldest has been in that school. I have gotten back MAYBE 4 things that used watercolors.  I was just looking at the middle schools list where my oldest will be next year and it doesn't get any better.

  It's a good thing places like Target and Wal Mart have a huge sale on supplies every year. I think I may have enough to get them both through school until 2010! I mean really, who can resist stocking up an 22 cent packs of erasers and glue sticks? I have enough paper to stock a few kids twice over this year. Packs of 5 notebooks and reams of filler paper for 50 cents will do that. Crayons are also 22 cents and markers are about 80 cents each and that's for Crayola! What I want to know is why are everyday things so cheap when it's time to go back to school but when you have to restock (if you already haven't) your kids stuff in the middle of the year it cost 4 times as much? One may never know.......
  Both of my boys are in soccer this year. I like seeing them proud of themselves for doing something that they love. This is my oldest's 2nd year and he has grown so much that most of his team is half his size! Last years cleats are 4 1/2 boys. This years are 7 MEN'S! WTF!?!? My 9 year olds feet are as big as mine! He's going to be a monster! My youngest is still tiny but is finally hitting a growth spurt and has gained a couple of inches over the summer. He fits into his brother's soccer uniform from last year perfectly. I think he's going to be a bean pole when he's older.

  My oldest's birthday is on Sunday. He is going to be 10. *sob* I have to work that day (amazingly) but we are going to go to a friends house about an hour away this Friday and have a back yard camp out. We are going to have campfire pizza. NUMMY! Then of course the regular campout foods and marshmallows. His cake is going to be vanilla with chocolate filling and butter cream frosting.  My friend makes cakes as a way to make extra money and is REALLY good at it. She made my wedding cake and did an amazing job. I heart her!
  That's about it for now. My house is being invaded by the neighbor kids right now so I am going to sign off for now. Have a great day!