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  I guess I should post, it has been 3 weeks.

  Last night Master and I had a date night. His sister took the boys for us and we went out to dinner. We haven't had any time alone together since my mother threw her fit. We tried to go to a couple of the nicer restaurants but as it was a Friday night everywhere was pace so we ended up at Shari's. We actually had really good food there too. Our steaks were perfect and the service was great for a change. The waitress earned herself a 10$ tip for it too.

  After that, we went to Toy's R US and got my youngest son his birthday presents. He's turning 8 on the 4th of next month. *sobs* Master of course had to buy himself a toy too. He picked up Megatron and when I looked at the price tag I cringed, but when he started pushing the buttons and it cackled evilly at me, I was sold. I mean really? How many giant robot toys do you know that have an evil cackle? He had to get it. We hit Target and then Castles. We didn't get any toys there but we did get a book called "Erotic Slavehood" by Christina Abernathy. Master read half of it last night and said that it was really good. Apparently it is two books in one. The first half is a manuel for Doms and the second is like a workbook for subs. I'll have to let you know how it is when I am done.

  When we went to get the kids we sat and talked to Masters sister for a bit. I love her. She is a very funny person and she always makes us laugh. Master and her together in the same room is even more fun as they always have some funny conversations when they are together. She taught my oldest  how to make bacon last night, so he made dinner for everyone there. My SIL said the he did really well. Maybe I have a little cook on my hands?

  We got home about midnight, I got the kids in bed and of course striped for Master. After Master had browsed the interwebs for awhile and the dog had  sufficiently made his (trying) healing ingrown toenail bleed again, I went and got him a pan to soak his foot in. I finished getting the house closed down for the night and knelt by my now flopped across the bed Master while he read the new book. I love kneeling for him while he pets me. I love just being near him. Kneeling for him and being quiet lets me reflect on the day and reminds me of my place at the same time. Also, being there naked and kneeling makes it so that I am ready for whatever he wants me to do for him.

  All in all we had a really great night. Things are picking up again as far as our M/s relationship goes. We were just not all there for a awhile. I mean the basics were there and we went through our routines but I think we got stuck in a rut. I think that mostly has to do with everyday life happening too. My willingness to serve him no matter what is the only thing that kept me going and not just giving up on the whole thing. I honestly don't think I could ever go back to a totally vanilla lifestyle again anyhow.

  Okay that's all for now I have to go gas up my truck so I can get to work tomorrow. Have a great weekend!