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  Master has been spoiling me lately.

  If you have read my journal then you know that I am on orgasm restriction. I am only allowed to cum when he says so. It has gotten to the point that I can't, unless I hear him say it. But like I said, if you have read me, then you know that.

  For the past few days just about every time we are alone he is making me cum. Making me beg for it of course but none the less letting me orgasm.

  One night all he did was play with me with his fingers. He had me climbing the walls before he let me finish. Another night he grabbed me and threw me on the bed and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. It happened so fast that my head was spinning and all I got out was "Master..." before he was telling me to cum for him.
  Last night, *sighs happily*. Last night after I had stripped for him we started kissing and his hands were all over me. He had me lie down and starting from my lips, he worked his way down my body, biting, kissing and pinching until I was squirming and making noises for him. By the time he got all the way down me and was licking, sucking and playing with my clit, I was on fire. He made me cum with his fingers and mouth twice. I came so hard that I was holding me breath. All I kept hearing was "Good girl. Cum for me."  When he couldn't stand it himself any longer, he stripped and climbed on top of me to finish himself off. When we were done, I cleaned him off with my mouth and all I could think about was thanking him. I couldn't put into words what I was feeling so, when he sat down I knelt and kissed his feet. When he got up to go to the bathroom I stayed on the floor kneeling and waited for him to come back. When he was standing in front of me I kissed his foot again. I worked my way up to his knee and back down again rubbing my face on him as I went. When he sat at his computer,he pointed to the floor for me to kneel in front of him and he held my head in his hands and kissed my face. He fed me chocolate and I was in heaven. I knelt beside him after he had turned to his monitor and he idly petted my hair and played with my nipples. *happy sighs*happy slave*

  Normally, I really don't like to receive oral sex. I know, I know, I'm odd. I love love LOVE  to give oral sex but I have issues (thanks to an ex of mine) when someone goes down on me, even with Master. Last night, was different for some reason. I don't know if it's because he had me so wound up when he did it or if I've finally reached the point with him that I am no longer self conscious when he's doing it. Or both. I think that maybe it has something to do with my head space through out the day too.

  All I could do yesterday was think about serving him. Not because he demands it. Not because I get something out of it. But because everything I am, belongs to him. He is my world and I would be nothing with out him. I can honestly say that he is the only one that I have ever  felt like this about. Not even the biological father of my children deserves the amount of respect that I hold for my Master. I serve him willingly and with my heart.

  The need to serve him grows more everyday. I think I may have said that somewhere else in my blog early in our transition from vanilla to M/s but I think that early on, it's expected. I thought that after the year and a half since I have been collared that it would have leveled off by now but it hasn't. All I know is that whatever I have been feeling lately has helped me serve my Master to the best of my ability's.

  I'm really not sure if that makes any sense but it's the best that I can do to put my feelings into words.

  Besides Master get what Master wants and if that means that I have to "suffer" through him going down on me then so be it! 

( I couldn't let this end too sappy now could I?)